The Transnational Dynamics Initiative

In these difficult times, union leaders require new tools to improve their ability to undertake the core activities of worker representation. The Strategic Choice Assessment Tool (SCAT) is a mechanism which can help you link day-to-day decisions with the long term strategic directions of your union.


SCAT allows you to evaluate both your union's current strategic position in light of outside pressures and the ability of your union to undertake activities given its structure and organization. It is an easy-to-use, self-paced survey that you take at this website. It asks for candid answers to a series of questions regarding your views on key factors related to the "external" and "internal" factors that affect your union's strategic leverage and organizational capacity. Please be assured - your identity will be kept confidential.


When you are finished, you will have access to reports that assess the critical external forces that affect your union's strategic leverage, the aspects of your union's internal organization that affect its organizational capacity, and how your assessment of your union compares to others. For a more in-depth explanation of some of the terms used on this site, we invite you to visit the Understanding SCAT area of the site.

To begin the SCAT survey, use the Access SCAT link.

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